The A-Feedi’s multi-faceted approach offers various keys to understanding the situation and highlights the importance of research in tackling the issues surrounding the SDGs, measuring the progress made on implementing them and working with society to find innovative solutions to the identified challenges


To uphold peace and prosperity in Africa, A-FEEDi educates on the importance of quality educational access, environmental management, property right, respect for human right, freedom of research, freedom of speech and a free market through Learn Videos, documentaries, seminars, Conferences, and Bush Camps


A-FEEDi uses an holistic approach to solving the issues of poverty. A-Feedi collaborates to provide a robust series of certified training and workshop opportunities that allow you to sharpen your skills in entrepreneurship, research, education, advocacy, and a free society while upholding global peace and prosperity


We advocate for actions on quality educational access, climate change, agricultural sustainability, energy access, rural-cultural development and economic freedom in Africa. To effectively achieve this, we embrace tools such as policy advocacy, educational advocacy, direct action campaign and media advocacy





Fostering Sustainable Peace and Prosperity in Africa

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