A-FEEDi trained over 200 students and their teachers, empowered 10.

It was a great moment for us in A-FEEDi during our November 23 Empowerment Programme, as we trained over 200 students and their teachers on Bead Making and Shoe Cobbling, of which 10 of them were empowered.

The Shoe cobbling session was demonstrated with the use of instruments like the Las, needle, thread, gum, pattern, sole, leather and scissors. While, Bead making materials include thread, needle, beads, tape, among others. The students were also exposed to the best techniques of bead and Shoemaking by explaining the correspondent components and their functions during the training. We concluded by matching the students with their teachers for appropriate follow up.

We say a big thank you to our donors for making it a possibility.

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