A-FEEDi Organizes 2020 Leadership Forum

On the 5th of September, 2020, 33 leaders from 13 states within Nigeria gathered virtually, for the 2020 Leadership Forum. The forum shared best practices for emerging leaders with a session on the values of liberty. The discussions; brainstorming and lectures highlighted the need to establish a network of leaders who will work to advance the values of liberty and development in various strata of the society.

The forum commenced with a formal introduction of each participants by the moderators Oluwaseye Odediran and Olufidipe Mofoluso. They went on to relate to the various activities and values of A-FEEDi. These participants were leaders/representatives within AFEEDi and from other walks of life in different states of Nigeria- Lagos, Imo, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kebbi, Edo, Ebonyi, Anambra, Kwara, Akwa Ibom, Abuja, Oyo, Cross River states with one person joining from Quatar.

Peter Oluleke, the President of Africa Focus on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Initiative (AFEEDI) opened the floor by facilitating on the importance and mechanisms of fundraising in an organization. He went further to highlight the processes involved in fundraising and the goals that resonates with the donors. In addition, he stressed that fundraising is not about making a single, big score or a selfish end but for a higher course in community development and social impact initiatives. The session rounded off with contributions from participants and then questions and answers.

John Aiyede, the Head of Programs at the Africa Focus on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Initiative (AFEEDI) facilitated the second session Communicating towards a Freer Society where he lay bare the foundational principles of AFEEDI and by extension that of liberty. He went on to emphasize how the core values of liberty such as Rule of Law, Free Market, Limited Government, Peace and individual right can foster rapid economic and social progress in any society.

Odunola Oladejo, Founder of Ladies of Liberty Alliance, Nigeria led the next session on Strategic Action Plan (SAP). She emphasized the DLIUD principle in strategic plans, The need for applying the SMART goal principles and the SWOT analysis in planning. A sample of a Strategic Action Plan was displayed by her in order to bring home her points on SAP. There were other contributors that took the floor in turn to buttress her points on various ideas. It rounded off with question and answer section and with everyone in attendance mandated to come up with an SAP in there propose organization/event.

Sunday Adesina, the Manager of PSC Workresource Consulting LTD facilitated the last session on Event Management, stressing the various event types and what are the requirement for each. He further highlighted the risk factor in planning an event and how that could be mitigated. Mr. Sunday draws from his myriad of experiences in establishing his points. He later added that event quality is a function of the expectation.

The sessions stretched for 4 hours in all and ended up with an open generally session on for participants to air their general views on the events so far. Mr. Peter Oluleke rounded off by addressing the participants on the need to keep a stronger network with the organization in order to advance a freer society.

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