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George Ayittey on the Cheetah Generation

“The Cheetah Generation is the new and angry generation of Africans who can see that their leadership has failed them … They’re not going to sit there and wait for governments to come and do things for them. As a matter of fact, they’re not going to sit there and beg for foreign aid, because

Can Foreign Aid Develop Africa?

Most people assume that Foreign Aid is the solution to African problems, but is foreign aid really the way forward? In this series of African Solutions with Peter Oluleke and his guest, Dr. Stephen Lafenwa, they emphasized on foreign aid, its effects on African Economy and possible way forward

Good Intentions can sometimes be harmful

Taxes have killed every possibility of economic development in Africa. They kill many hope of African countries helping themselves. This left Africans completely at the mercy of charity and loan. Do you know why African Countries have that so much high tax rate? Because of the lending economies – To show them that they can

A-FEEDi host Entrepreneurship High School Debate

Read more at: The Africa Focus for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Initiative (A-FEEDi) as part of its vision of empowering the youths on sustainable peace and prosperity in Africa, held its maiden edition of the Entrepreneurship High School Debate on the 19th of July, 2019. The contestants from the participating schools; Immanuel Grammar School