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AFEEDi Women for Economic Freedom and Empowerment Summit

It’s not unusual that the feminine gender is grossly marginalized and economically disadvantaged based on societal stereotypes, expectations and cultural norms. This is a great concern and AFEEDi is bridging the gap. Through this program, shortlisted women will be empowered to support and contribute meaningfully in economic terms to their home and society at large.

Porter’s Five Model: An Analytical tool for Small Business

In a challenging or difficult business environment or market, Michael Porter’s 5 model is a popular marketing tool that helps business owners and managers to remain competitive. The Porter’s 5 Model Porter’s 5 Model is a framework for analyzing a business competitive environment. It looks at the attractiveness and potential profitability of a business industry


There is an high level of unfamiliarity with the AfCFTA’s existence. MSMEs will not be able to prepare effectively, let alone take full advantage of, AfCFTA without prior awareness. There is therefore need to pay attention to both digital and non-digital dissemination strategies to ensure full reach of Nigerian businesses irrespective of their technological participation