Register for the 2020 AFEEDI Virtual High Impact Business Empowerment Training.

We are pleased to invite you to register for the 2020 AFEEDI Virtual High Impact Business Empowerment Training. The forum is designed to expose small business owners and entrepreneurs to best practices for financial records, filing of tax returns, pro-liberty values and business development in a fast-paced business environment of the 21st century. It promises


“if man is not to resort to rebellion, man’s right is to be respected”. – United Nation declaration of Human Right #EndSars movement is a protest that triggers a spontaneous agitation for an end to police brutality and abuse. This was embarked on by a ‘leaderless’ collective of young Nigerians within and outside the country.

A Leader that Inspires

A former United States President, John Quincy Adams once said “if your action inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” It therefore means that the ability to inspire another person apart from yourself is a great requirement of a leader No matter your organisation or

Nigeria: Property Right

The property rights index for Nigeria from The Heritage Foundation reflects the ability of individuals to accumulate private property, secured by clear laws that are fully enforced by the state. It also measures the likelihood of expropriation in Nigeria as well as the extent of corruption in the judiciary and the enforcement of contracts. From