A-FEEDi is dedicated to building a network of leaders that empowers and supports quality educational access, entrepreneurship, development, and the fundamental institutions of a free society in Africa to break free from the cycle of poverty and conflict, improving their lives and strengthen their communities.

The A-FEEDi Hub Program brings together leaders across the country to build a network that empowers and supports community entrepreneurs around the world to break free from the cycle of poverty, improve their lives and strengthen their families.

The A-FEED HUB members are called AMBASSADORS (10 to 20 for each HUB). A-FEED AMBASSADORS know what we do and understand our values. They discuss on various platforms and meet at regular intervals. They promote the organizations’ activities in their communities. They organize, engage, benefit and expand in numbers and in groups.

The A-FEED HUB is envisioned to exist in every community in Africa.

As a A-FEEDi Ambassador you will gain:

  • Leadership experience
  • Educational
  • Professional
  • Lifelong connections

A-FEEDi Ambassadors:

  • Raise awareness of the current state of African poverty and conflict and the solutions available NOW.
  • Educate their communities on international development issues and generate ideas to overcome these hurdles
  • Partner with related organizations to amplify the message, recognizing that everyone is connected in today’s African economy
  • Challenge themselves and their peers to gain a deeper understanding of extreme poverty and conflict and ignite new passions to eliminate it
  • Empower their communities to change Africa